Why You Need To Create Your Bing Pages Profile Right Now

Bing Pages Prospect Future Example

Bing Pages Is A No Brainer For Increasing Your Brand Control And Exposure

Bing Pages allows you to manage your brand’s online presence on Microsoft products. This includes the Bing search engine, Outlook.com, and Windows 10 search results. Whereas Google’s knowledge graph doesn’t give you much hands on control; by creating and managing your Bing Page, you’re able to highlight your contact information, images, content, and social media channels. The program is still in beta, but you can opt-in now!

Get Started On Bing Pages

Promote Your Social Media Posts On Bing

One of the most awesome features of claiming your brand profile is that you get to promote your social media posts to a guaranteed 10,000 impressions for FREE. That’s right, completely free. You also get a level of control with who your posts are going to. 

Consolidated Social Feed

This is also a cool feature. Your Bing Pages profile consolidates your social posts from multiple channels all into a single feed. This could be a great opportunity for brands to direct users to a main hub of their social content. I have hopes that Bing will create some embeddable options for this on websites to really create a fantastic end-to-end experience.

Bing Pages Analytics

Bing Pages Profile Analytics

Your Bing Pages dashboard gives you an analytics section that allows you to view your social media views on Bing, clicks on Bing, and your overall Bing Page views. When you combine this with Bing Webmaster Tools data, you can form an even greater understanding of your brands footprint on Bing. 


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