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Successfully scaled geospatial data acquisition and production pilot project into a steady state program producing high quality imagery and LiDAR data for >90% of US roads for Microsoft’s Streetside product, >75% of US population and dozens of international cities for their photorealistic 3D city product.


Scaled Production Team by 400% within 4 weeks


Reduction in cost of 3D city production year over year


Drivers Staffed Across North America

By focusing on a more well-rounded marketing approach and frequent communication, Concrete Leveling Technologies has been able to quadruple the number of high quality leads AND booked jobs coming from their paid marketing efforts.


Cost Per Lead


Increase In Jobs

Streamlined asset management, data collection, and invoicing for owner operated excavation contractor by integrating geospatial data into internal business processes.


Reduction in time between project completion & invoice delivery


Increase in cash flow month over month


Reduction in payroll errors


Decrease in mobilization costs

Managed the deployment and operation of proprietary vehicle mounted sensors collecting 360 degree imagery, lidar, and location data used in base map production, ground truth identification for ML model training, and autonomous vehicle navigation.


Reduction In Cost Per Subsequent Deployment


Sensor Utilization Rates Maintained


Continents Operating Simultaneously

The complete website rebuild proved to be a resounding success for STRUT, effectively re-establishing the brand as a premier provider of luxury automotive accessories and increasing revenue by 72% within just a few months. This comprehensive overhaul was essential to increasing high quality leads, improving website performance, and clarifying the brand’s core products & services.


Increase In Leads


Improvement In Site Speed


Increase In Revenue

Skinny Up!® was able to find success by focusing on email marketing: utilizing incentivized pop-ups, adding e-commerce integrations, and connecting with their customers on topics they are passionate about.


Increase in email driven revenue


Increase in email subscribers


Increase in ROAS