Our Company

We’re Not Your Traditional Marketing Agency.

Boutique Digital Marketing & Operations Consulting

We believe that hands on, frequent communication and analysis will make the difference not only for you, but also for us. Instead of juggling dozens of clients, we take a tailored approach. We want to ensure that we are the best fit for each other, so that we can look forward to a long-term growing relationship.

Prospect Future® came out of the desire to give established businesses an alternative to the traditional marketing agency experiment. We’ve been in the agency setting and learned first hand how profitability could often only be achieved by scale. Prospect Future® is a Fort Collins, CO based boutique marketing agency that goes above and beyond by incorporating operations & financial consulting, digital consulting, and an overall holistic approach to working with our clients.

Company Culture

No stagnation. Full accountability.

We believe that it’s our people that create who we are as a marketing and operations agency. Algorithms shift, machine learning evolves, platforms change, and fads come and go; but it’s our people who we can rely on to continue to change with the tide and invest their hearts and minds into our clients’ success.

Guess what? We’re all human. We all have problems, dreams, and aspirations. We understand that life and business can get tough. Our recommendations and strategy revolve around growth and progress, but acknowledge that sometimes S#$@ happens. We don’t know everything, but with what we do/should know, we’ve got your back!

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide incredible value and honesty to small to medium sized businesses that are being held back in their growth.”

No one likes being passed around and no one wants to get stuck with a trainee. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, hold frequent training sessions on the evolving marketing landscape, and create an environment where our employees are excited to show up to work.

Our Expertise

Marketing | Operations

These two things are our specialties, but they oversimplify what we are trying to accomplish. We’re here to grow your brand, not just market your organization. We’re here to discover weak points and help you fix them. We’re here to advise you on what avenues are the most important for you to invest in right now.

Plain and simple, we also just love winning. Marketing & business growth is a problem we want to solve. It’s a game we want to play. We want to be the best at it, not just coast by to make money. This hunger for success means that we invest heavily, both emotionally and intellectually, into your businesses’ growth. While knowledge and wisdom can be two very different things, we strive to be at the forefront of each in all things digital marketing & operations.

What we ask for in return is your trust and your passion.

How Do We Work For You?

Well, first off, we don’t take on more businesses than we can manage simply to bring in more revenue. Second, we make sure that every business we work with matches the personality of their marketing executive and is at a level that we can serve them best. We want to do what’s best for you, so if you’re better served elsewhere, we’ll be the first to let you know! If we can’t accommodate you right now, we can add you to our waiting list. As we’re constantly evolving, your opportunity may not be far off!

Meet Your Business Growth Dream Team

Matthew Regenie Marketing Agency CEO

Matthew Regenie

Founder & CEO

Matthew leads the charge in account & digital marketing strategy. He has a passion for both design and data analytics and has worked with over 200 business. His hollistic approach, direct communication style, and high-integrity help make Prospect Future a great marketing partner for any kind of business.


Jordan Regenie


Jordan’s expertise comes from 10+ years of operations and business strategy consulting for Fortune 50 and small businesses alike. Legally trained and comfortable analyzing data, navigating contracts, and operating heavy equipment, Jordan's understanding of end-to-end business operations is grounded in practical experience. He excels at transforming strategy and vision into reality by aligning cross functional teams with big audacious goals.

Prospect Future Marketing & Operations Consulting Agency


Definition with all its beautiful subtleties intended.

Some of our favorites:

  • A potential customer
  • The act of looking forward
  • An opportunity
  • To search for gold
  • Something in view as a source of profit


Here to create a better one. For you, your business, and for us.

Staying ahead of the curve, adopting new strategies when the time is right, and coming up with the ones that will lead to future success.

Predicting what’s next and creating a road map.

Bringing in customers for you today, tomorrow, and thereafter.

Growth. Change. Disruption.


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