Branding Design

Tell your story through branding and design.

Why Branding Is So Important

People won’t choose your brand based on your products or services, they choose your brand based on how they feel about it.

Branding is a must for any business that wants to differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s where branding strategy and creative branding services come in. Even the most simple visual identity can elevate your brand!

Prospect Future Creative Advertising Agency

We pride ourselves on being a holistic branding and marketing agency. We’ve seen firsthand how branding design can be an absolute game-changer! A strong brand can propel your ads, increase your SEO, and bring your website performance to new heights.

We truly care about the people we work with, because a brand does not exist alone, it is made by the amazing people who created it and continue to represent it.

Branding Services

The power of a brand lies in its clarity, memorability, and customer resonance. Over-the-top designs can obscure your message and deter customers. We specialize in magnifying your brand’s strength across varied mediums: from websites and apparel to vehicle wraps, billboards, and packaging.

We’re not just about pixels and prints; we curate brand identities tailored to represent what you truly stand for.

Creative Logo Designs That “Pop”

Logos that help you stand out in a crowded market. 

Brand Guidelines

Pin down the colors, fonts, and visual elements your brand will use to visually communicate with customers. Stay on brand from your social media, email communications, and website with this framework.  

Branding Strategy

Strategize to find your brand’s niche and attract the right audience. Everything else comes easier when you know who you are talking to and what they like! With the proper brand positioning and messaging, you can differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

Brand Launch & Activation

Whether it’s a rebrand or you’re just getting started, having the tools you need to succeed is just part of the equation. We can build an entire launch and activation strategy to make sure your new brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

A website is your best place to truly showcase your brand.

Packaging & collateral that not only looks good, but also reinforces your brand identity.

Brands don’t stand still, have a team of content creators behind your back to help with blogs, emails, social media posts, infographics, landing pages, and more.

Branding Design Strategy

Our Work

Brand Guidelines

We can create a simple brand sheet or a multi-page brand guideline that dives into design specifics from logo usage, to design elements, and a brand mood board collage. 

examples of simple brand sheets

Our Full Branding Process

We want to talk through your needs & goals. We will get to the root of your brands pain points and come up with a plan! 

We will have a call to collaborate on everything from your brands mission to your ideal customers. From this and extensive market research we will develop your brands strategy plan!

We will meet to discuss the final brand strategy presentation and refine as a team!

With strategy in mind we will create 2-3 visual direction mood boards that will later inform the logo and brand guidelines. After one is chosen as the final visual direction we will start the logo design process.

We will present 2-3 initial logo concepts to your team that were informed by the visual identity chosen in the previous step. After a logo is finalized we will start our brand guidelines!

Now we bring it all together! The brand guidelines will encompass the full visual identity and relevant aspects of the brand strategy. You’ll have the tools and knowledge to confidently implement and maintain your brand, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence.

You will receive:

  • The brand strategy presentation
  • The mood board presentation
  • The final logo files (AI, PNG, JPEG)
  • Your brand guidelines
  • Confidence in your branding & brand strategy!

Branded Ad-Ons

Branded Email Templates

All your customer-facing communications should tell the same branded story. Branded email templates are easy to use and create a great starting point for any new content your team wants to create.

Branded Social Media Templates

Want to wow your potential customers on social media? Editable social media templates are a super easy way to create content that fits in with your social media feed and overall branding. The more consistent your brand is on each platform, the better!


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