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Search Engine Optimization

It’s tiring hearing other marketers and marketing companies talk about SEO as if it’s this profoundly complicated service. It’s not. So often, marketers and SEOs get so lost in their job title that they forget what it is they are actually trying to accomplish.

SEO isn’t about manipulating search engines. SEO isn’t about pulling off crazy technical feats or manipulating every tiny detail to cheat the algorithms. Search engine optimization is about providing your current and potential customers with something they care about and can engage with. It’s truly that simple.

Of course, there are tricks and practices that can help good, engageable content go that much further; but at the end of the day, you can’t shine a turd 💩 so it has to start with useful, relevant, engaging content.

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Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing

Good SEO/Content Marketing can be broken into two simple categories, but the starting question should ALWAYS be the same for any type of SEO work being done: “Is this valuable for my customers?”. Because, guess what makes Google and other search engines happy? Happy customers. If their customers can’t find what they are looking for, they look elsewhere. Providing their customers with the quickest way to their end goal is what search engines are all about (incidentally sometimes even the customer doesn’t know what their end goal is).

1. SEO Content

Lead Generation Local SEO Content Services

Is this valuable for my customer? Well…what are they looking for? Your content, when it comes to ranking your local business better, needs to revolve around the search intent of your potential customer. What are they looking for and how does your company address that need?

With some high quality keywords and well structured content, not only can you rank better for what your customers are looking for, you can capture their attention.

Good Content Means User Friendly Content

Do you like reading a 1,000 word paragraph? No? Well, we don’t either and neither do your customers. Good SEO & Content Marketing breaks up your content pieces into digestible bits, oftentimes also broken up with relevant images or infographics.

A good SEO also looks for key factors in improving user experience like page layout, reviews, trust badges, and more.

eCommerce SEO Content Services

SEO isn’t a one size fits all service. Ranking a t-shirt brand for “cool t-shirts” is nigh impossible. For broad markets you can either hyper narrow your niche (or create a new niche) and try to rank for that, or you can focus on providing your customers value rather than focusing on search query page rank/impressions. This can be in the form of holiday gift guides, how to properly use your product, product comparisons, complementary products/services, etc.

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is what separates a writer from an SEO & Content Marketing Specialist. It’s about understanding the platform you’re working with, how to best utilize the tools that search engines provide, how to analyze data, and how to pay attention to the small details.

Some of the most relevant aspects to consider when checking for technical SEO

  • Site speed: nobody likes a slow site. Google prioritized user-experience above all else and a slow site is a huge mark on that category.
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headers
  • Alt image tags (and accessibility in general)
  • Citations (Internal & External linking): Link farms bad 👎 domains with authority good 👍
  • Social Media Content Optimization
  • Research & Analysis
  • 301 redirects, 404 pages, orphan pages, etc.
  • Canonicals
  • How and when to move CMS platforms

SEO Rank & Performance Analysis

  • How are you trending over time?
  • If you have high impressions but low clicks, how can you improve your Click-Through-Rate by simply Title Tag and Meta Description tweaks?
  • What’s your competitive analysis look like?
  • Do you have keywords near page 1 that need a simple nudge?
  • Do you have cornerstone content that you aren’t fully utilizing?
  • Can you update old pages to stay relevant?

Curious where you stand? Try Google’s PageSpeed Insights or this incredible free tool by Ahrefs.

p.s. if a marketer brings up your Alexa rank or meta keywords, they are completely full of shit.

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