STRUT high quality leads increase 200%

The complete website rebuild proved to be a resounding success for STRUT, effectively re-establishing the brand as a premier provider of luxury automotive accessories and increasing revenue by 72% within just a few months. This comprehensive overhaul was essential to increasing high quality leads, improving website performance, and clarifying the brand’s core products & services.
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Increase In Leads



Improvement In Site Speed

The Result


Increase In Revenue







The Challenge

STRUT, an aftermarket automotive designer, was struggling with high spam rates, confused users, and difficulty in making quick website adjustments.

Website visitors we’re sure what STRUT actually did. Instead of focusing on new Collection rollouts, they instead inquired about purchasing cars, no longer offered services, or couldn’t even load the website in the first place.

The Strategy





Email flows such as the abandoned cart flow, welcome flow, and specific product purchase flows now account for over 32% of total email revenue. 68% of email revenue comes from our weekly newsletters. 

We have shifted our promotional strategy to “mico sales” that take place more often with smaller discount amounts, with an occasional big sale during key times of the year. Promotional results are now much more consistent with a strong focus on their VIP customers. 

The Importance Of Email

Email is one of the most affordable ways to see recurring revenue from repeat buyers. It keeps people engaged at every step of the purchasing journey. From the first welcome email to the last abandoned cart email that persuades them to purchase, it all adds up. If your company doesn’t utilize email you could be missing out on 30-40% of additional revenue! Want to talk email strategy? Book a call today. 

Work Samples

Research & Audit
Diagnose website performance, customer friction points, and overall sales funnel.
Research & Audit
Customer Journey
Focus on website structure and overall customer journey to provide the best experience and get the highest quality of leads possible.
Customer Journey
Re-focus on brand messaging & design.
Website Development
Build a streamlined website built to perform.
Website Development
Review performance & optimize strategy & content to constantly improve