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Skinny Up!® increases email revenue by over 39%

Skinny Up!® was able to find success by focusing on email marketing: utilizing incentivized pop-ups, adding e-commerce integrations, and connecting with their customers on topics they are passionate about.
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Increase in email driven revenue



Increase in email subscribers

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Increase in ROAS


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The Challenge

Skinny Up! is an all-natural & hormone-free solution for weight loss, weight maintenance, and detoxification. They work to support customers on their health journeys, helping them to live happier and healthier lives.

Before collaborating with Prospect Future, Skinny Up! utilized an email platform that didn’t include revenue tracking, had minimal capabilities in terms of email automations and flows, and had limited customer segmentation options.

As a result of using this outdated email platform with limited capabilities, Skinny Up! faced significant growth challenges. The absence of proper tracking and reporting had a major impact on their business throughout the year, especially during major sales periods.

The Strategy

Switching email platforms was the first step in improving Skinny Up!’s email marketing & overall website performance.

We migrated them to Klaviyo, an email platform that directly integrates with Shopify, has detailed revenue tracking, and has robust customer data profiles.

To increase their subscriber list, we incorporated a regularly-updated, incentivized email collection pop-up.

The email content strategy was completely revamped to include a more lifestyle-based approach, higher frequency, and data-driven optimizations.


The Results

By improving email strategy & integrations, Skinny Up!’s email performance no longer came down to just opens or clicks. We can now see the full picture of revenue performance from email campaigns and flows, which has led to substantially better results.

Revenue driven by email increased from $0.00 (attributed) to six figures within the first year. Since then, it has shown a year-over-year increase and is now nearly 40% higher than in its initial tracked year. Furthermore, it now constitutes more than a quarter of all revenue.

Email flows, such as the abandoned cart flow, welcome flow, and specific product purchase flows, now account for over 32% of total email revenue. Meanwhile, 68% of email revenue comes from weekly newsletters.

Since adjusting Skinny Up!’s email strategy, their email list has doubled. By utilizing incentivized website pop-ups for email collection, they now capture more interested customers than ever before.

The approach to their email content and messaging evolved, moving beyond just products and sales. This shift not only boosted revenue to its highest levels but also enriched the customer experience. By rebranding Skinny Up! as more than just a product, but as a part of a lifestyle, we were able to maintain strong engagement with our subscribers. Each week, we provided them with content that was not only interesting but also resonated with their daily lives and aspirations.

The Importance Of Email

Email marketing stands out as an efficient way to sustain revenue from repeat customers. It’s about keeping customers involved at each step of their buying journey, from the welcoming first email to the persuasive abandoned cart reminders.

If your company hasn’t yet embraced email marketing, you could be overlooking a significant revenue stream, potentially up to 30-40%. Interested in exploring how email strategy can benefit your business? Book a call with us today to discuss the possibilities.

The Work Samples

Research & Audit
Check platform setup for best practices, integrations, & overall marketing strategy
Research & Audit
Technical Implementation
Fill in tech-stack gaps with a fully integrated system.

Connect data to provide a streamlined customer journey and easier data analysis
Technical Implementation
Customer Analysis
Map out user journey and provide value at different touchpoints
Customer Analysis
Content Creation
Focus on branding, design, and copywriting to create compelling content to keep existing and new users engaged
Content Creation
Review performance & optimize strategy & content to constantly improve