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From 30 to over 120 jobs per month

By focusing on a more well-rounded marketing approach and frequent communication, Concrete Leveling Technologies has been able to quadruple the number of high quality leads AND booked jobs coming from their paid marketing efforts.
Concrete Leveling Technologies went from only 30 to 120 jobs per month after partnering with Prospect Future.


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I have been using this company for about 3 years. 3 years ago I was getting 30 leads a month, now I average 120 leads a month. They always answer the phone and go above and beyond to help. I have recommended this company to many people. Every other week I get a compliment on our website. I would use them over and over again.

The Background

Concrete Leveling Technologies, a home services company based out of Texas, was working with a marketing agency that had very little to show for the amount of money being spent on both ads and management. They talked weekly, but it seemed like their account manager had no idea what was going on with their marketing and seemed to just keep those calls scheduled so that they could appease the client. The client felt trapped, but needed to grow their business.

The Strategy

When they reached out to Prospect Future for marketing help, we quickly got to work. We rebuilt their website to ensure they had full control over their content and brand. We also optimized their marketing tracking so that we knew exactly what was happening with each and every bit of traffic their site was getting.

From there, we created a comprehensive strategy to get them more qualified leads for their home service business. This started with a strong Google Ads search and brand strategy for their target markets. As more leads and revenue began to flow in, we then launched dedicated Facebook Ad campaigns for their top services, like concrete leveling and expansion joint repair, to the best neighborhoods.

Over time working together, our check-ins have always been proactive. Scheduled calls haven’t been needed, but are still always on the table if requested.


The Results

Concrete Leveling Technologies leads increased over 300% after partnering with Prospect Future. Not only were they getting more leads, but they were also getting the same percentage increase in closed jobs. In other words, it was both quantity and quality.

Believe it or not, their cost per lead went down even as they continued to scale into new neighborhoods and higher budgets.

The Importance Of A Holistic Marketing Strategy

Without frequent optimization, marketing performance eventually always suffers. Ad platforms are changing daily, so working with a marketer who has their finger on the pulse is critical to keeping your business profitable and growing. If you don’t feel like your business is getting enough leads, book a free consultation with our marketing experts!

Audit Marketing Performance
Check active campaigns and compare against best practices and what would work best for this brand
Audit Marketing Performance
Rebuild Website
In order for the client to gain more control over their marketing, they needed to gain ownership of their website. We also focused on performance improvements.
Rebuild Website
Marketing Tracking
The best marketing starts with data. We ensured that traffic and leads were tracked properly so that our campaigns could improve week over week.
Marketing Tracking
Focus on branding, design, and copywriting to create compelling content to keep existing and new users engaged
Review performance & optimize strategy & content to constantly improve